2020 News Holiday in Safety and Security


The guest enter with a face mask, our Chef Antonio will welcome you and show your table: the waiters will wear masks and serve you the requested menu. The total number of the tables is diminished, respecting 1 mt of distance from each person.

  • It will be possible to use the external spaces, set up to guarantee the social distance
  • BREAKFAST in the garden, in total freedom: something buffet, assisted by our waiters (to avoid overcrowding) and something in singol portion, individually wrapped; drinks served at the table by our waiters (always wearing a mask)
  • OUTDOORS LUNCH and DINNER. At the moment, unfortunately buffets are not possible, so we have to renounce to special typic dinners and desserts buffet, but everything will be served easily at the table. If we respect rules, we will soon come back to our big buffets, appetizers, desserts, brunches..
  •  Each family can have lunch and dinners together without social distances, respecting distance from the other tables (1 mt without masks)
  • Availability to take your lunch and dinner at the beach, with disposable cutlery and containers


We assure daily cleaning and disinfection, on each contact surface, each facility and object, as current legislation.

  • In the different areas of the Hotel, you will find dispenser with disinfectant gel.
  • There will be entrance and exit ways, the entry to each common area will be ruled following the regional legislation to assure the safety of our Guests. (the mask is needed at the entrance, in the open spaces, in corridors, at the Restaurant, only to reach your table).
  • Rooms will be disinfected: cleaning and disinfection (on request with ozone € 15).
  • The daily cleaning of your room will be made by our staff with face mask, disposable wipes,going out from each room, gloves and instruments will be changed.
  • The guest can decide either our staff cleaning or change the daily linen by himself.
  • Toilettes at the Hall will be cleaned constantly while disinfection will be made by the atomizer machine.
  • Each area's climate will be refreshed and air conditioning filters will be disinfected systematically.
  • We suggest to use the lift  only if really necessary to go up and avoid to go down or if in presence of other guests.


  • The swimmingpool will be opened from the 13th of June. Entrance is allowded in small groups, after an accurate shower, respecting the distance of 2 m. (not necessary for the components of the same family).
  • Solarium area with sunbeds, kept at a distance of 1,5mt.
  • Group activities, at the moment, are not allowded. (No mini club for children, no activities at the beach, only some CHILD CARE activity: one person from our Staff can propose some games or baby dance, respecting the distances). We hope that, in few time, we will come back to our special activities, as live music, dancing, and typical dinners. Guests are pleased to always keep the social distance.
  • AT THE BEACH: each sunumbrella disposes of 20 mq of space, more than the double respecting the regional legislation! During the way to arrive under your sunumbrella, you have to wear the face mask, than you're free, as in the past, but remembering the distance of 1mt  from your neighbours and in the water!