Gabicce Mare

Since 1987 Gabicce has been awarded the blue flag 24 times: a seal of quality for the sea features, the environmental education...

Every corner of the town is quickly linked by the typical little train "Gabicce Express" which arrives to Gabicce Monte, Gradara and Cattolica in a few minutes.

Gabicce rises on one side at the outskirts of the San Bartolo Natural Parkland and at the feet of the homonymous headland, on the other it borders the resort of Cattolica with which it shares the ancient port, traditions and touristic develompment.

It's a welcoming bathing resort which has showed its hospitality since the beginning of the century; it promises a holiday between sea and hills with a healthy air and a particularly pleasant climate.

Besides its beautiful beach, it has lots of chances during the day or by night, small and big events animate the squares. From June to September "Art Tuesdays" take place, it's like being in a small "Montemare", dozens of painters and carvers work with the public, animating this way Valbruna square which is the heart of the small suburb from which you can enjoy a magnificient view over the entire Riviera. 
You can reach Vallugola by sea too.

For a walk swathed in the greenery, lots of paths which cross the San Bartolo Natural Park start from Gabicce Monte or going on along the Panoramicatowards Vallugola.

Ancient port and roman town, you can plunge in the legendary Valbruna's magical atmosphere, sunk in the night of times, where you can also find lots of sporting activities, tipically seaside.

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